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6 Things We Love About Ireland

Written by Administrator on March 11, 2015

It’s a little bit of a contradiction – an Aussie writing a post about Paddy’s Day in Ireland – but after living in this beautiful country for over 4 years, there’s so many things of pure Irishness that I have come to love. And…you simply wouldn’t find anywhere else in the world!

So, to celebrate Paddy’s day, I asked around the office for our team to give me their example of pure Irishness – whether it’s a memory from their childhood, a food or a saying.

Here’s our top 6 things we love about Ireland.

1. Introduction of exotic foods

Our CEO John may be showing his age, but he remembers the arrival of Italian food to Ireland in the mid 80s – but without adequate instruction. Trying to stay ‘on trend’, his mother tackled her first Spaghetti Bolognese…but with Spaghetti Hoops!

Spaghetti Hoops

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On a side note, my partner has also told me of the introduction of pasta into his household when he was younger. Not sure what to do with it, his mother served it as dessert with milk and sugar. Yum?!

2. Touching the Electric Fence…just for the craic!

This is possibly one for the culchies, but as kids, Tax Agent Bridgette and her siblings used to love touching the electric fence….just for the craic! Yes it hurt….but it’s hilarious watching someone else touch it!

Electric Fence

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3. There’s a Grand Stretch in the Evenings

From the 1st January, Tax Agent Sarah always loves to wait for the first person to comment on the few extra minutes daylight. It seems to get earlier and earlier every year!

Grand Stretch in the Evenings

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4. The faithful Crisp Sambo

It’s been a staple of the Irish diet for years and its hit the headlines recently with Tayto’s own pop-up café, but the Crisp Sambo is a favourite of our John M – he says it’s the best of Ireland in sandwich form. John has been known to make up one of these bad boys for his lunch here in the office.

The only issue that really arouses any debate is which crisp do you put in yours?!

Crisp Sandwich

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5. Green as far as the eye can see

Tax Agent Alex likes to get out in the great outdoors, so what she loves about Ireland is the green landscape as far as the eye can see. There’s nothing better than getting out into the countryside for a walk or cycle along remote back roads surrounded by green fields. Bliss!

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6. Ah sure! You know yourself

As the resident Aussie, I am constantly stumbling on little gems of Irishness in the office. But my absolute favourite has to be someone saying ‘ah sure, you know yourself’ when they have no intention of the answering your question! A close second would be ‘tell me this and tell me no more’…but perhaps I’m known for waffling.

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