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What is the eForm 12?

Written by Administrator on September 23, 2016
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eForm 12

The eForm 12 has basically replaced the hard copy of the Form 12 itself, although this version is still available as well. The eForm 12 is a shorter version of the Form 12 and is part of Revenue’s push for people to use their online services. It was introduced from the 2013 tax year onward.

The form requests you to confirm your Personal Details, your PAYE Income, your Non-PAYE Income, your Tax Credits & Reliefs and then to confirm the information that you have entered.

Why do Revenue need it?

If your main source of income is PAYE income (an employee) and you have any additional taxable income below €3,174 in the year, then you will need to complete an eForm 12. These forms are becoming more common as part of Revenue’s checks to make sure tax payers are being compliant.

Part of this is where the form is sent to tax payers as part of a random check to make sure their taxes are in order.

The other main reason is if Revenue believe that you have a property that you are renting out and you are not declaring the income. Even if you are making a loss on the property you still need to declare this income to Revenue.

eForm 12

eForm 12 Example

Can I ignore the request for an eForm 12?

If Revenue have requested you to complete an eForm 12 do not ignore it (see below a sample letter). In Revenue’s eyes, as with all tax and income, the onus is on the tax payer to make sure that the information that they have for you is correct. Even if you do not have any Non-PAYE income you still need to complete the return. In their request Revenue will indicate a deadline as to when they need it completed, this is usually the 31st of October.

Remember if you do not return the form, Revenue will withhold any future tax refunds that you may be due until they receive it.


Revenue eForm 12 Letter

Revenue eForm 12 Letter


Who can help?

Trouble Completing an eForm 12?

Trouble Completing an eForm 12?

If you are unsure on how to complete and submit the eForm 12 we can do this on your behalf for a flat fee of €75 (including VAT) for a single year if you have PAYE income only. We can also check your taxes for the other three years under our normal ‘No refund, No charge’ commission basis.

If you have Rental Income we can complete this type of return as well, starting at €350 (including VAT) for one property for one year. Please see our Rental Income website HERE for more details.

You can email, call 059-9173300 or leave a comment below to let us know your requirements and we can advise from there.

Also, see here for our previous blog post about the paper Form 12.

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