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New Blog

Written by John O' Connor on March 30, 2009

now open

Welcome to our new blog. Though we are open a while, we are all very excited to get our blog up and running.

Here, we will discuss money matters and tax relating to PAYE employment in Ireland.

But in particular we will pay attention to Tax Refunds and the things that help us get them such as Rent Relief, Medical Expenses, Bin charges and other less obvious ones.

This Blog will help us supplement the information from our main Red Oak Tax Refunds Website

After a time of extraordinary change – and exciting times – in Irish society, we now face trickier times. We hope to be a valuable resource and partner to people going forward in the management of their tax affairs. But beyond personal taxes, we will bring advice and information on other areas where we can provide help in managing your personal circumstances.

Do let us know of topics that are of interest to you and we will look to include those in our discussions here.

and in the meantime, thanks for visiting us and your company going forward.

Best wishes,
John O’Connor