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What to do with your P60?

Written by Administrator on January 20, 2015

So you’ve got your P60? What do you normally do with it – Bin it? File it? Leave it in the glove box of your car?

What to do with your P60?

Your P60 is actually your golden ticket to a tax refund, so don’t just file it! Use your golden ticket to unlock your potential tax refunds going back as far as 2011.

Generally, you’ll receive your P60 sometime in January, but employers have until 15th February to provide you with your P60. So don’t panic if you haven’t received it yet. But, for those who have received theirs, now is the time to get in early and see if you can turn your P60 into a nice bit of cash.

How do I turn my P60 into a tax refund?

Your P60 is a summary of your total annual pay, PAYE tax paid, USC deductions and PRSI contributions for the previous year. It may look like an ordinary boring piece of paper, but in the right hands this piece of paper can be turned into cash back in your pocket.

It’s not easy, but yes, you can try and navigate the tax maze yourself. But why would you?! As the Tax Manager at Red Oak, I see a number of clients coming to us who have tried to do it themselves, but have just ended up frustrated and confused. And often, items are missed – or worse, refunds are incorrectly claimed – which Revenue tends to frown upon.

But, Red Oak’s team of trained Tax Experts are the pros at looking to see if you are due a tax refund. They leave no stone unturned. You’ll also have your own dedicated Tax Agent who will keep in contact along the way to give you updates on where your claim is at.

Think you’re not due a refund?

Nonsense! It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are – you could be due a tax refund for any number of reasons. If you have worked and paid tax in any of the last four years (2011-2014) and have not claimed a tax refund for any of those years, you could be due something back.

The common reasons people are due refunds – but don’t realise it – include:

  • Your occupation.
  • You had breaks in your employment over the last four years.
  • You worked more than one job at a time.
  • You paid your GP, hospital, dentist, physio, or prescription costs.
  • You have been renting since 7th December 2010.
  • Your circumstances changed: Got married? Had kids? Got divorced?
  • You were on maternity leave.
  • You paid tuition fees for relevant courses or/and training
  • You paid bin charges in 2010.
  • You are a coeliac or diabetic and buy diet specific foods

Unlock your Golden Ticket

Unlocking your P60 is easy. All you have to do is

  1. Apply to Red Oak for an application pack
  2. Complete the form and FREEPOST it back to us with your 2014 P60
  3. Sit back and relax, while your dedicated Tax Agent does all the hard stuff and then will contact you directly with the outcome.

Sarah Haughney, Tax ManagerWritten by Sarah Haughney, Tax Manager

As the Tax Manager here at Red Oak, I look after the team of Tax Agents and make sure they are getting every possible cent back from the taxman for our clients. I know to most people tax can be boring, but as a qualified Accountant, I get a real buzz out of making sure our clients aren’t overpaying tax.

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7 replies to “What to do with your P60?

  1. shaun mcnicholl

    Hi I have been working in intel campus since november 2013 last January I sent my p60 to the tax office and got bank around €1k I worked all year last year too and still to now the thing is I live in co derry only rent a house down here cause I ain’t a resident can I claim it back


    1. Post Author Administrator

      Hi Dominique
      Absolutely! I’ll email you our application form and all you need to do is print it off, fill it out and send it back to us.


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