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Week 53 adjustments

Written by Administrator on January 20, 2016

Week 53 – Is this the most complicated part of the PAYE system?

Have you noticed this year a box called Week 53 ticked on your P60?

It could be ticked if you are weekly, fortnightly or paid every 4 weeks and your payroll date is a Thursday.  And if ticked, this gives you bonus tax credits – but if dealt with incorrectly this could hit you with an underpayment.

The Tax impact of Week 53 adjustments can approx. 200e for weekly and

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2015 P60 – Error Fixed

Written by Administrator on January 4, 2016

2015 P60 Updated to Prevent incorrect Tax Charge.

When you receive your 2015 P60  this January, a small change has been made to the P60 as a result of action by Red Oak Tax Refunds.

Find out more about this story which we broke last year here on

This was to correct an error that existed in previous years P60’s which put the approximate 60.000 plus people in receipt of Illness Benefit at risk of being double taxed.

So what is this Change?


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