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Form 12 Residency Status

Written by Administrator on January 10, 2019

Form 12 Residency Status

From the 1st of January 2019, the Revenue online service requests users to state if they are resident in Ireland, if Ordinarily Resident and if Domicile in Ireland when completing a Form 11 or Form 12.

Revenue have decided to ask these questions as an individual’s Domicile and Residence affects how and where worldwide income is taxed. Many individuals are unaware of the rules and what the answer given could mean. Below we discuss what each means and

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DWT Dividend Tax Exemption for Over 65’s

Written by John O' Connor on July 23, 2009

What is DWT
DWT, or Dividend Witholding Tax, is deducted from dividends paid by Irish companies. If you are in receipt of Irish dividend income, DWT is deducted at 20% – this is taken out of the dividend you have received, which you can confirm in your dividend certificate. This 20% is then used as an offset against your income tax liability.

Tax on ISEQ ETF Dividends

Written by John O' Connor on July 19, 2009

While most dividends are taxable in Ireland at your highest rate of tax, one very popular dividend paying investment in Ireland does not. However, many people will miss out on this advantage if they do not complete there tax returns correctly and could easily overpay on tax.

With the ISEQ 20 ® ETF, the rate of tax payable on dividends received is capped at 20%. So even if you are paying tax at the higher rate (41% now), your

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