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How it works

Tax Refunds - How it Works

At Red Oak Tax Refunds we use a simple 3 step process to getting your tax refund, simply contact us and fill in some simple information. We then do all the hard work and find out if you are due a tax refund. Then Voila! We send you your refund. Simple.


If your tax agent does not ask you questions about your circumstances, either in the application form, or through follow up Consult, then you may be missing out on Refunds – Or even claiming incorrect Refunds , which you will be held responsible for by Revenue.

What Tax Refunds can we get for you?

We check everything we can to get you a refund. Hover over a label for more information.

  • No Refund, No Charge
  • 4 Year Review
  • Online Signing
  • Full Income Tax Review
  • Full USC Review
  • Extra Refunds for Medical Card
  • Tax Back for Renting
  • Refunds for Medical Expenses
  • Tax Refunds for your Job
  • Refunds for Marital Status
  • Refunds for having Children
  • Update & Review of Welfare Income
  • Update Contact Details
  • Tax Refunds for Mortgage Interest
  • Home improvement Loans Tax Refunds
  • Tax Refunds for Dependent Relative
  • Other Personal Tax Credits
  • Rental Income Tax Returns

No Refund, No Charge!

We use our expertise to negotiate the tax maze and reclaim your tax back. What’s more, if you don’t get a tax refund, we won’t charge for our services. See more detail on our fees page.