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Tax Refunds for Medical Expenses

Had Medical Expenses – either here or abroad – for any of the years 2015 – 2018?

With the Medical Expenses Tax Credit you get a refund of 20% of the cost of most medical bills from tax paid.  That’s €20 for every €100 spent.  So what type of Medical Expenses can you get a refund of?

Eligible Medical Expenses

What Medical Expenses can be claimed against your tax?  Here are examples of expenditure that can be claimed, but make sure to check with our experts if your expenses are eligible.

  • Doctors Bills
  • Prescription Charges
  • Hospital Bills
  • Most Dental Expenses (see below for more on this)
  • Nursing Home Costs
  • Physio or Orthoptic treatment prescribed by a practitioner
  • ‘In vitro’ Fertilisation (IVF) treatment
  • Education, Speech and Language Therapy for kids
  • Certain costs for Coeliac & diabetes sufferers.
  • Certain appliances required for medical care
  • Certain expenses incurred in the course of medical care

At Red Oak, we check all your expenses prior to claim to ensure you get the right refund – and keep your receipts for the required 6 years, so you will not have a problem with Revenue Audits.

What if my Medical Insurance Foots Part of the Bill?

If part of your eligible medical bills are paid for by medical insurance – or compensation claim – this part of your medical insurance is not eligible.  But the part you do not get recompensed IS claimable against your tax.

Example: Mike has Eligible treatment which costs €800.  He claims back from his Medical Insurance provider and gets €300 back.  So he can claim €500 as medical expenses on his tax return.  He will get 20% back as a refund, which is €500 x 20% = €100.

What Dental Expenses are Eligible?

Easier to say what you are not allowed to claim!  Routine dental expenses are not allowed  – these include, Cleaning, Check-ups, Scaling, Fillings and extractions (other than of wisdom teeth.

Check with us to ensure you get the right tax refund for your dental and medical expenses.