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Top 5 Jobs for getting Tax Refunds

Written by Administrator on March 5, 2015

Top 5 Jobs for Tax Refunds

One question I hear a lot is ‘Why did my friend get a larger refund than me?’.  Well….how long is a piece of string? Really, the answer to that question is far from straightforward, as differences in refunds can be due to any amount of reasons.

What we find is people of a similar age and circumstances are often confused as to why their friends got a better refund and really one of the major reasons can be the type of job they’re employed in.

Say for example, if you and your friends are all around the same age, single, living in rented accommodation and don’t have children, unless there’s significant errors in how your tax was calculated in the first place, your tax records should be fairly similar except for the type of job you work in.

There’s over 200 different types of jobs where extra tax refunds can be claimed with the tax deductions ranging from as little as €42 per year to €2,476 per year depending on your job – these are called Flat Rate Expenses. The resulting tax refund will be 20% or 41% of these amounts, depending on your annual income.

So here, I’ve picked out the top 5 jobs that we claim back refunds for:

1. Nurses & Nursing Assistants

Depending on your work arrangement, nurses and nursing assistants can claim deductions for job expenses ranging from €93 – €733 per year. However, many aren’t doing this as they assume that these deductions are already set against their tax record. They’re not!

The key things that determine the level of refund due are whether you are a nurse or nursing assistant and whether your uniform is supplied for you and/or laundered for you. Obviously if you are required to supply and wash your own uniform, you’ll be able to claim higher expenses than if not.

2. Teachers

Another occupation where it is assumed that expenses are already claimed is for teachers. Whether you’re a principal or classroom teacher, full-time or part-time, you can claim deduction for work-related expenses each year ranging from €279 – €608 depending on your circumstances. This means you could be due a refund ranging from €55 – €121 at the 20% tax band and €114 – €249 at the 41% tax rate.

3. Carpenters & Joiners

There’s a belief out there that tradies get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to tax refunds – but there are additional refunds that can be claimed based on your trade…as let’s face it, there are plenty of additional expenses that come with the job. In particular, carpenters & joiners can claim €220 worth of deductions from their taxable income each year.

4. Hospitality workers

A common job that is overlooked are for those in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a waiter, porter, kitchen porter, chef or manager, you are eligible to claim deductions worth from €21 – €191 per year to cover the cost of laundering/dry cleaning your uniform.

5. Electricians

Like many tradies, electricians are often required to provide their own tools/equipment for their work. This comes at considerable expenses and so, this is recognized with the allowance of a deduction for €331 each year from your taxable income. Depending on your income, this could be worth a refund of between €66 – €135 each year – which over 4 years, adds up to a tidy sum.

These are just a few examples of how your job could affect your tax refund – and, like I said, there’s over 200 different jobs that are eligible to claim these deductions as part of an overall tax review. If you’d like us to check if you are due a tax refund for your job, apply now!

Bridgette Murphy - Tax AgentWritten by Bridgette Murphy

As a Tax Agent, the best part of my job is telling people they have a tax refund – but it astounds me how many people assume their taxes are in order. As my background is in education, I like to help inform and educate my customers on their entitlements and the little things they can do to maximise their tax refund at the end of the year.

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