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Why Choose Red Oak for your Tax Refund?

Written by Administrator on October 29, 2014

From time to time, we get asked why people should choose Red Oak to get their taxes checked. Of course, there’s loads of different options out there – you can try a bit of DIY, engage the services of an accountant or look at the various companies offering services such as ourselves.

For some people, the challenge of navigating the tax system themselves is a thrill – but for others, it’s a complete nightmare. If you fall into the latter group, then getting an expert to take a look at it for you is going to mean less stress for you – as well as the peace of mind that it has been done right!

So, who do you choose?

Of course, we think it’s obvious – but just in case, I thought I would delve a little deeper into what makes Red Oak the right choice for claiming your tax refund.

1. Get your own dedicated tax agent

Tired of getting the run around when calling customer service? It’s our pet hate too!

With us, you get your own dedicated tax agent who will look after your tax review and keep you updated throughout the whole process. You’ll have their direct line, mobile number and email address, so you’ll be able to reach them directly with any questions you have.

This way, you’ll avoid frustrating situations such as this!

2. Full personal tax review

We don’t just press the P21 button and see what comes out the other side! We ask all the right questions to look at every possible refund you can claim back to make sure you get the maximum possible refund based on your own personal circumstances.

When it comes to your taxes and dealing Revenue, it pays to take a little extra care and attention to ensure everything is done right.

3. You’re never left wondering

One of the benefits of having your own dedicated tax agent is that they will keep you updated along each step of the way, so you’ll know exactly what they are claiming and when to expect your refund. This means, you won’t be left wondering for weeks what has happened to your application.

4. We’re a great bunch!

Red Oak Tax Refunds Staff

We may be a little biased – but ultimately, we’re just a great bunch of people to deal with and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty to get your taxes sorted (please note: the picture above is not what we look like at the end of a working day!).

Our current customers are our greatest ambassadors and are constantly singing our praises. Here’s just a few examples of what they say about us:

It was so easy, ye took care of everything, took the hassle out of it for me!”
– Yvonne (25th October 2014)

I received tax back that I would not have been aware that I was due back :)… I was kept updated at all times. I like how Adrian was so professional and friendly and really helpful if I had any questions..he had it sorted quickly as well – just under 3 weeks. One very happy customer here :)”
– Laura (23rd October 2014)

“I’m lazy at doing these kind of jobs. Red Oak simplified the whole process for me, guiding me through each step and kept in contact with me throughout.”
– Sarah (21st October 2014)

I could go on forever with countless more reasons to choose us – but the proof is in the pudding. So, why not give us a shot and see what you refund you are due? If there’s no refund, there’s no charge. What have you got to lose?

Apply now!

Post Written by Nerilie Watson

Nerilie WatsonI’m the Marketing Manager at Red Oak Tax Refunds and although I’m no tax expert, I LOVE getting money back from taxman. My job is to translate all the complicated and confusing ‘tax speak’ that is bandied about our office into something that is understandable for all us ‘average Joe soaps’. 

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2 replies to “Why Choose Red Oak for your Tax Refund?

  1. Cormac Farrell

    will I make the deadline for paye tax returns…I have all my details for last 4 years.Can I do tomorrow,
    Thursday and what will it cost.I have my online re,g numbe r…..Thanks


    1. Alexandra Byrne

      Hi Cormac,
      The deadline for 2010 PAYE tax returns is December 31st. If you apply now there is plenty of time to claim for the past 4 years. We have a no refund, no fee policy. Where we do get a refund for you, our fee is 14.75% per year, subject to a minimum charge of €30.75.
      You can apply online or freetext REFUND to 50015.
      I hope this helps.


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